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Dental Materials

Evolution, Description and Application of Dental Materials…….

Over the past 30 years the evolution of dental materials has made leaps and bounds in order to offer the patient a comprehensive range of restorative options which are safer and more esthetically pleasing.

Dental Materials

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Dental Materials

Dental Materials
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Dental Materials
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Dental Materials

About the Authors

Dr. George Freedman is a founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry. His most recent textbook, "Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry" is published by Elsevier and he is Visiting Professor, Universita di Firenze, Florence Italy. Dr Freedman was recently awarded the Irwin Smigel Prize in Aesthetic Dentistry presented by NYU College of Dentistry. He is a past director of CE programs in Esthetic Dentistry at the Universities of California at San Francisco, Florida, SUNY Buffalo, UMKC, Minnesota, Baylor College and Case Western Reserve, Tufts, Eastman Dental Center (Rochester and London), Catholic University in Seoul, South Korea and was the founding Associate Director of the Esthetic Dentistry Education Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Freedman is the author or co-author of 12 textbooks, more than 700 dental articles, and numerous webinars, CDs, videos and audios and is a Team Member of REALITY. He has been listed as one of the leaders in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today every year since 1997. Dr Freedman is the Materials Editor for Dentistry Today, Editor in Chief for Dental Tribune International, and is on the Editorial Board of Oral Health and Dental Asia. A Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, he lectures internationally on dental esthetics, adhesion, desensitization, composites, impression materials and porcelain veneers and has been a featured / keynote speaker at many major national and international dental conferences. Dr. Freedman maintains a private practice limited to Esthetic Dentistry in Toronto, Canada.

Dental Materials

Course Objectives

When you complete this course, you will take a test that measures your ability to identify:

  1. Types of restorative materials currently used in dentistry.
  2. Physical properties of dental composites with direct clinical relevance.
  3. Classes of composite materials based on size of filler particles.
  4. Characteristics of different types of curing systems.
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of impression materials.

Dental Materials

Table of Contents

When you complete this course, you will take a written or online test that measures your ability to identify:

Historical Perspective 33

Silicate Replacements 33

Evolution 33

Physical Properties of Importance 36

Classes of Composite Materials 39

Application of Specific Composites 40

Specialized Formulations 41

Luting and Cementing Composites 41

Self-Adhesive Cements 41

Future Developments 44

Relevance to Esthetic Dentistry 46

Clinical Considerations 46

Material Options 47

Treatment Planning 48

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