Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits

Need to earn continuing education credits fast? Health Studies can help! We’ve been providing continuing education credits since 1992 – and we’ve learned just how to do it best.

First off, we’ve provided your necessary course textbooks in multiple convenient ways. For quick continuing education credits, you are able to access an online eBook or have a PDF file emailed to you. Of course, this means that earning your continuing education credits is easier than ever. If you would rather have a hardcover textbook, you can receive your course text through the mail.

If you are having trouble determining what continuing education credits are required in your state, Health Studies has already done it for you. Our courses are available in special packages – with price discounts – that are made with your state’s requirements and home study education limits in mind. These continuing education credits take the stress out of deciding. Plus, they are available in both hardcover texts and online eBooks.

Meeting your continuing education credits doesn’t have to be a headache. With the help of Health Studies, we’ve made meeting your credit hours simple! Of course, you always have the options to select your own courses AND find something that best interests you.

To see all of our continuing education credits and courses, click on over to our “CE Course” drop down menu. There, you can see courses be title, hours, specials, and profession. We’re here to help you learn more!