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As a medical professional, it is important to be up to date on medical knowledge and techniques. Having access to the latest techniques and information allows you to continue providing the best services and treatments for your patients. So when you are looking to continue your medical education, use Health Studies Institute for your CME resources, because we are committed to continuing education with a difference.


At Health Studies Institute we offer a wide variety of CME resources for dental, acupuncture, athletic training, electrology, and podiatry medicine! Our comprehensive CME resources will educate you about the latest techniques and information in your field, in a way that can be easily implemented in your practice. Our CME resources are thorough and affordable! We offer many specials and bundles to provide the best information at a low cost. We recognize that people have preferences when it comes to studying, so we offer our courses in hard cover books, e-books, or PDFs sent straight to your email, allowing you to study the way you want. Our customers praise our CME resources for their content and applicability, which are both things we pride ourselves in while designing our courses. We aim to provide the best courses to you at the best cost, making our CME resources the way to go!


Health Studies Institute offers many high quality CME resources at an affordable cost, in a format that works for you. We are committed to furthering your medical education in a way that will last and further your skills as a professional. So when you need to take CME courses, try Health Studies Institute, a place that continues education with a difference.