CE Requirements

CE Requirements

Time to meet your CE Requirements? Check out our course offerings to get your credits when you need them!

No matter what your field – dental, acupuncture, electrology, or physical therapy – meeting your CE requirements can he a headache! Especially when you move state’s and realize the CE requirements have changed completely. Of course, even when you don’t change states, the CE requirements can suddenly update – and leave you scrambling to change everything. Health Studies is here to help you with meeting the CE requirements.

To help ensure that you are meeting your state CE requirements, Health Studies provides pre-packaged CE courses that fit your state’s yearly requirements. These packages are often the first on our list of specials! We help you save by bundling all the necessary courses. This option is best for busy professionals who don’t have the time to worry about your CE requirements.

Health Studies has been providing courses for numerous professions for a years – and we’ve got the delivery system down! We offer our courses in three different ways. You can have your textbooks delivered in the mail and study with a hard copy textbook. Plus, you can choose to have your textbook delivered through the Internet in a downloadable PDF or an accessible eBook.

When you are thinking about meeting your state CE requirements, go no further than the Health Studies website. We are here to help you reach your requirements – and make the entire process as simple as possible. Remember, Health Studies has courses available for many different professions. Plus, we have the knowledge of your state’s requirements. Let’s start learning more!