CE Credits Online

CE Credits Online

To start earning your CE credits online today, simply start shopping for a course that interests you – you are sure to find one at Health Studies!

Earning your continuing education credits can be difficult. At Health Studies, we want to make your earning your CE credits online as simple as possible! That’s why we work hard to offer classes you’ll love, bring textbooks to you in three convenient ways and make testing simple! Keep reading to see how close you are to earning your CE credits online – the easy way!

Classes You Want to Take

Health Studies is committed to keeping our classes up-to-date. We always carry the latest editions of our texts, so you know that your CE credits online are worthwhile. Plus, we also offer credits in numerous areas – for dentists and other specialists. With our wide selection of credit-worthy courses, you are sure to find something that interests you AND provides you with skills you can bring back to the office.

Textbooks Three Ways
Next, Health Studies makes receiving your textbooks for you CE credits online simple too! Choose from getting your book in a physical hard copy in the mail or in an online version. Our online books are available in downloadable eBooks and emailed PDFs. These options are great for individuals who want to get started on earning their CE credits online TODAY! No need to wait for your book to arrive in the mail anymore.

Online Testing Made Easy

Lastly, Health Studies makes testing for your CE credits online just as simple as the rest of the process. In fact, there’s no need to take time out of your schedule to find a proctor or visit a physical location. Instead, simply click on over to the “Online Testing” tab on our website. Here, you can earn all of your CE credits online. It’s so simple and effective – perfect for your busy schedule!