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Athletic Training Requirements

Athletic Training Requirements

Due to continue your education and keep up with athletic training requirements? Check out Health Studies for education without the stress!

Health Studies Institute has been in business since 1992, started by two dental hygienists and a dentist. We are dedicated to providing high quality continued education for the dental community, but we also provided athletic training requirements and courses in acupuncture, electrology, and podiatry medicine. We have courses in multiple fields, and regularly update our offerings!


You can purchase any of the courses we offer right off of our user-friendly website. If you need any help selecting a course for you or have any questions our team would be glad to assist you. Some of our materials for athletic training requirements are available both online through e-books and hardcopy, however some are just available on hardcopy. Our courses at Health Studies for athletic training requirements range from topics such as back pain all the way to topics such as tobacco intervention. Whether you are in need of athletic training requirements or continuing education in one of our other fields, you can trust Health Studies has what you are looking for.


Health Studies provides continuing education for busy professionals that is economical and convenient. With courses that are completed entirely online, from textbook to testing, and more traditional options as well, we have options for everyone! If you are looking to continue your education in athletic training requirements or another field we offer, check out our website or send us a message. We’re looking forward to helping you continue your education!