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Acupuncture education

Acupuncture education

If you’re an Acupuncturist that needs to complete continuing education hours, check out the Health Studies Institute. We have everything you need!

The Health Studies Institute has been around serving continuing education services since 1992! We offer courses for Acupuncturists, Dentists, Athletic Trainers, Electrologists, and Podiatrists. When you are finished reviewing the book materials, just make your way over to our testing section on our website and complete the online test to fulfill your obligations for continuing education.


The Health Studies Institute is the only place you need to go for continuing Acupuncture education hours! We offer packages for better convenience, and discounted prices. Some of our courses for Acupuncture education include AIDS and HIV Essentials, Back Pain, Dealing With Diabetes, Drug Use and Abuse 4th edition, Family Violence, Hepatitis Viruses, Hypertension, Infection Control, Medical Error Prevention, Osteoarthritis, Recognizing Oral Diseases, and more!


The Health Studies Institute automatically reports continuing Acupuncture education to continuing education brokers within a week! All but one of our courses in continuing Acupuncture education is offered in ebook form, and all the courses are available in hard copy form. Our specials for continuing Acupuncture education include packages ranging from two hours to ten hours, depending on your needs. Check out our website for more information on our continuing education courses and tests. Feel free to contact us by email for any further questions. We are glad to help!