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Acupuncture continuing education

Acupuncture continuing education

Are you an Acupuncturist in need of continuing education hours for your certification? Check out Health Studies Institute for online CE courses that fit into your busy schedule.

The Health Studies Institute is a one stop shop for all of your acupuncture continuing education courses, we started in 1992 and has always been dedicated to providing the best quality materials, classes, and tests. Most all of our books for acupuncture continuing education are offered in ebook form. We are also always updating our selection, so you can rely on the Health Studies Institute year after year for great acupuncture continuing education.


Right now the courses we offer for acupuncture continuing education include; AIDS and HIV essentials, analgesics, back pain, dealing with diabetes, drug use and abuse, family violence, hepatitis viruses, hypertension, infection control, influenza, medical error prevention, osteoarthritis, and recognizing oral diseases. You can also save money by purchasing one of our package specials, rather than each course individually. All of these courses are available in hardcopy form, but all of our ebooks are sent immediately by email in a pdf, whereas the hard copies are mailed. Prefer to study on the go? Ebooks might be a great solution for you!


You can trust that you are getting accurate and useful acupuncture continuing education from the Health Studies Institute, we are certified by the Continuing Education Recognition Program, and we automatically report CE to your CE broker within one week! Overall, the Health Studies Institute has everything you need for your continuing education hours, just complete the course book and take the online test. When you choose Health Studies you are choosing quality and convenience!